Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler (ca. 11,111-11,055 B.G.) was an Austrian politician of Old Earth, who rose from complete obscurity as a simple footsoldier to become the leader of a radical political party (ca. 11,079 B.G.) and, later (ca. 11,067 B.G.), was appointed chancellor of Germany. Over the next twelve years, Hitler unleashed a reign of terror, established a totalitarian dictatorship, instigated a massive military buildup, and then launched a campaign to seize the territory of other nations. This caused a major multinational war that lasted six years, cost fifty-five million lives, and destroyed most of the European continent. Hitler committed suicide in the ruined capital of his empire, besieged by the armies of the nations he had attempted to conquer.

Considering the distance that separated the pre-atomic civilizations of Old Earth and the time of the Second Jihad, it is hardly surprising that few accurate details of Hitler's life and career survived into the 10,200s A.G. But despite the passage of the ages, he was still remembered - and reviled - for the fact that on his order and in his name, his legions systematically murdered six million people of Jewish extraction and several million more from other religious, political and racial groups. The Padishah Emperor Paul-Muad’Dib Atreides commented on this to Stilgar, remarking that the deaths of six million people was “pretty good for those days,” when measured against the sixty-one billion people conservatively estimated to have died as of 10,207 A.G. during the Jihad launched in the Emperor’s name. Paul-Muad’Dib also remarked that Hitler had to have boasted that no one was more powerful than himself, but Hitler learned otherwise, and Paul-Muad’Dib himself eventually learned a similar lesson.


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