Emperor: Battle for Dune Base Defences

Aside from Walls, all Houses have two individual base defences.



Walls are a passive defense system designed to stop enemy infantry and vehicles. To build a wall, click on the map where you want to start the wall and then click where you want it to end. The Construction Yard will then start to manufacture the pieces until the wall is complete.

House Atreides

Machine-gun Post

This is a defensive structure that is mainly used to stop infantry, but will whittle down vehicles as well. Basically a tower with a Gatling gun, it rains down a hail of bullets to any incoming enemy units within range.

Rocket Turret

Much more powerful than the Machine-gun Post, this defensive weapon will take down the heaviest of opponents, including air-based units. It has a long range, and fires salvoes of rockets at its victim.

House Harkonnen

Flame Turret

This building defends your base by shooting out deadly bursts of flame. The flame ignores shields, so it is effective against vehicles and infantry alike.

Gun Turret

The Gun Turret is a long-range base defence weapon. Equipped with four large-calibre guns, it rapidly fires a deadly hail of armour piercing bullets. The Gun Turret is extremely effective against vehicles and deadly against infantry. Due to its long range, the Gun Turret can be used as an anti-aircraft weapon as well.

House Ordos

Gas Turret

This base defense weapon fires a canister of poisonous gas at its intended target. It has a very short range, but any unit caught within the effect will suffer damage. The turret is mainly used as an anti-infantry weapon, but it is effective against vehicles as well.

Pup-up Turret

The Pop-up Turret is another weapon used in base defense. It has a longer range than the Gas Turret, and fires armor piercing bullets from it's machine gun, which makes it much more effective against vehicles. When not firing on a target, the Pop-up Turret rests in the ground, thus making it less susceptible to damage. When an enemy unit gets within range, it extends out of the ground to fire upon the target.