Shakkad Boro

One of the last emperors who ruled during the fabled Old Empire, before the rise of the thinking machines to power, Shakkad Boro, called “Shakkad the Wise,” is known because during his reign, his royal chemist, Ashoko Yanshuph, discovered the geriatric properties of melange, the spice that can only be found on Arrakis. Shakkad would not do much with that information, because it is during Shakkad and Yanshuph’s time on Arrakis that the Titans, led by the visionary Tlaloc, overthrew the apathetic Old Empire in the 1280s B.G. and established their own tyranny. A thousand years later, in the year 193 B.G., a descendant of the last emperor, Camie Boro, married Grand Patriacrch Iblis Ginjo, a central leadership figure during the Butlerian Jihad.


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