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Dune 2000 is a partial remake of Westwood's earlier game Dune II. It incorporated a lot of features that were first introduced in Westwood's previous games (Command and Conquer and Red Alert, respectively) such as multiple unit selection, a Command and Conquer style sidebar and improved graphics. However, the game did introduce new features such as full motion video cutscenes, which were then used in other Westwood titles.

The gameplay of Dune 2000 stayed very similar to that of Dune II, but some notable differences. Firstly, the multiple unit selection method allowed easier control of the players armies that that of Dune II, which only allowed the player to select one unit at a time.

However, the game was criticized for not adding enough fresh content into the game, as the setting, houses and units were simply reused from Dune II. Another issue raised was that the game had poor AI, and the game was fairly easy to beat as a result.

Notable Actors

John Rhys-Davies - Noree Moneo (Atreides Mentat)

For a list of all actors in the game, see The Internet Movie Database entry on Dune 2000

Many of the actors returned to work on Westwood's next Dune game Emperor: Battle for Dune.

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