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The FED2k FAQ.


The following are some things you should avoid doing while using our forum. In most cases if you abuse these rules you will be warned before being banned but we always reserve the right to ban someone if we feel it is appropriate.

  • Unless you are a moderator do not reply to threads acting as one. If the moderators feel a thread is improper or should be moved they will do it themselves.
  • Posts that contain one word responses or rude remarks will be deleted.
  • There is no need to reply to a thread, especially those older then a month, unless you have something to contribute to the discussion.
  • If you need to contact someone directly send them an Personal Message (PM).
  • Avoid repeated use of the same character or smiley.
  • Discussion of obtaining pirated software is not allowed.
  • Do not post links to sites that cause your browser/computer to crash.
  • Use the modify button instead of posting two or more messages in a row.
  • When replying to an older message in a thread quote that message in your reply so everyone knows what you are talking about.
  • Do not bump old messages; your post will just be deleted.
  • Try to stay on-topic, if you want to post something that is off-topic start another thread instead.
  • Harassing, threatening, intimidating, or discriminating remarks toward other members will not be tolerated.
  • If you wish to promote your site please do so in your signature or elsewhere. Posting about special events is acceptable.
  • If you are going to post a spoiler from either a game, movie, or novel please use the [hide][/hide] tags.
  • Avoid using images in your signature and if you must make them as small as possible.
  • You are only allowed to have one account on the forum.
  • The only language to be used in this forum is English.

Forum Staff

See also FED2k Staff.

If you think anyone is abusing the forum in any way or have suggestions feel free to contact one of the staff.


Posts Title
0 Ghola
1-24 Sand Flea
25-49 Desert Mongoose
50-99 Sandwalker
100-249 Desert Warrior
250-499 Mentat
500-999 Swordsmaster
1000-1499 Fedaykin
1500-2499 Naib
2500-4999 Shai Hulud
5000-7499 Burseg
7500-9999 Siridar Lord
10000-?? Padishah Emperor
 ?? Secret rank #1
 ?? Secret rank #2

Common Questions

  • Can I be a moderator or staff member?
    • No, if we want you we will ask.
  • Why can I not stay logged in?
    • This is a problem with your cookies. If you are using IE lower your privacy level to medium or add to your allowed sites list.
  • I forgot my password; can you send it to me?
    • No. Passwords are encrypted once entered in the database. You will have to request a new password to be sent to your email address. If your email is no longer working contact Gobalopper.
  • Can I have a custom avatar?
    • No.
  • What about a huge sig image?
    • No, try to limit sig images to max 400 pixel width and max 100 pixel height. People are here to read messages not look at your sig images.
  • Why was my account deleted?
    • We regularly delete accounts with 0 posts who have not logged in within the last month or within two weeks after creating their account.

Forum Codes

Forum Codes
[url=http://somesite]link text[/url]<a href="">link text</a>
[url]http://somesite[/url]<a href="">http://somesite</a>
[quote]Quote This[/quote]
Quote This
[code]$variable[0] = 324;[/code]
$variable[0] = 324;
[img]http://img.jpg[/img]<img src="http://img.jpg" alt="" border="0" />
[img width=# height=#]http://img.jpg[/img]<img src="http://img.jpg" alt="" border="0" width="#" height="#" />
[c=AA33EE]Hex Color[/c] or [c=A3E]Hex Color[/c]Hex Color
[font=times]Times New Roman[/font]Times New Roman
[pre]Preformatted text[/pre]
Preformatted text
[left]Left Align[/left]
Left Align
[right]Right Align[/right]
Right Align
[center]Center Align[/center]
Center Align
  • * regular
  • + square
  • o circle
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