Clans are groups of online players who have banded together to add a group component to primarily individual based games. They exist in practically every game which can be played online.

Dune 2000 clans

Following the release of Dune 2000 groups of players formed together to create "clans". Essentially they were teams of players who wished to add another, group angle to the game. Ultimately, the clans became embroiled in international-like politics with peace treatys, wars, and even a sort of Olympics (the inter-clan tournaments) and UN-like organization (The Landsraad).

Birds of Prey (BOP)

Started by Mast3rBOP

Some members were

Concrete builders annonimous (CBA)

Domination of Allied Forces (DAF)

Some members were


Sand Warriors (SW)

Started by SWkwisatz
   Some members were

   was a highly respected clan

Fighters of Xenon (FoX)

Birth: August 28, 2000.

Started by FoXmperor
   FoX Clan members were
   FoXrotorz aka AOD - member since Oct 06, 2000
   FoXblue41 aka Blue40 - member since Oct 08, 2000
   FoXgranit aka granit - member since Oct 10, 2000
   FoXbeast aka beast - member since  Jan 24, 2001

   FoX won many Friendly and Official Clan Tournaments:

Clan Tournaments:

WUXIN Tournament 2001 - Winner (1)

TU's Tournament 2002 - Winner (1)

TU's Tournament 2003 - Shared rank 1 with SW.

About FoX:

Comming soon.



Da leader of da Budd clan was Bigbudd

A member was DaisyBudd


Insidious Gods of War

Soul Stealers (SS)

This was a clan created by XFactor99 (XFaCt0rSS) with a small group of friends. It was intended to be an elite clan to rival the "FROM" clan with such players as XFaCt0rSS, Ender789, SSFACTOR, SSDruid, NeRDySS, JeRsKi, HitmanSS, SSGODDESS DrkSSoulz, and UloseSS but it ended up being a clan of some tightly knit friends. It remained a small clan, and had it's own website for a short while. It placed 2nd in most clan tournaments, usually losing in the final rounds to a better team or to bad positioning. One of the games most loved players, SSFACTOR aka Succcooo, would end up taking over the lead of this clan when XFaCt0rSS would disappear and eventually disban the clan when XFaCt0rSS failed to return, and many of the other friends would lose contact with eachother leaving SSFACTOR on his own.


God's of Dune (GoD)

Gods of Dune was a short lived clan that was quickly eclipsed by it's progeny, the Dune Liberation Army. After recruiting approximately ten member and creating what was intended to be an elite clan-within-a-clan called DLA it's leader promptly disapeared into the netherworld of the internet. It was not affiliated with later clans of the same name.

A Member was


Dune Liberation Army (DLA)

The core of this clan were members of its original clan, the Gods of Dune. AFter the leader of the Gods of Dune disapeared it was agreed that GOD should be disbanded and DLA itself become a clan in it's own right. Lead originally by WorkrGOD AKA DLAKnight AKA DLAtemplr (one of the two founders of GOD) and Kiswatch AKA MahdiDLA it rose from a tiny sub-clan to one of the largest in the Dune 2000 system. Originally, the leadership of the clan was divided into two: DLAKnight took care of internal and technical matters, such as the website, while MahdiDLA dealt with external amtters such as dealings with other clans.

Other influential founding members of DLA were DLAvaso and DLAcapro.

Over a few years DLA merged with several other clans, such as the Jedi of Dune, SOF, and Lost. They were also the originators of The LAndsraad, a UN like project which was to foster peacfull relations between the clans and sponsored the Inter-Clan tournament.

As the older members of DLA faded away a second generation of members joined up, lead by DLAhardcr and his brother, DLAAZZ. Much more interested in inter and intra-clan conflicts there was a great deal of disagreement between this new generation and the old, which ultimately ended with a great deal of members, both newer and older, leaving the clan. MahdiDLA left to join FED2k and DLAhardcr essentially took over the clan, converting it into a more "warlike" organization, recruiting more members of the same opinion as him and re-writing the history of the clan to suit his needs, eventually claiming that he himself founded the clna, when in actuality he joined it over a year after it's original incarnations.

A third generation of DLA eventually emerged led by DLAoutlaw. The clan itself finally folded in september of 2005.

Despite being the first clan to play Emperor: Battle for Dune (DLAknight played the beta) it never really branched into that game. However, it did move into several other non-dune related programs.

The original DLA website can still be seen online here.



Warriors of Dune (WoD)

Peace Keepers of Dune (PKD)



Emperor: Battle for Dune clans

During the first months of the game a huge bunch of clans were created. Only few of them… very few… were successful. TFS, with harkdawg as most known player, is a good example of such a successful clan.

The months passed and the competition grew, these were some of the better clans the first years of the game:

  • BoP: Well, the clan of honor, including Harkonnen player MendelBop. Can't remember of the others...Birds of Prey members please fill in your names!
  • TFS: ~already mentioned
  • PIG: led by bossofpig, with players like marcel47 and Cerberus. These guys were without any doubt a high skilled, nice clan. They were pretty early in the timeline and ruled the clanladder for various months.
  • Hobbtz: A well-known clan that ruled the clanladders for years. Once clans like PIG and Endo disappeared there was nobody to stop them from taking the first place in the clanladders for a long time. They were generally known as cheaters, you can hardly call Hobbtz a clan because it only existed of a few people. The well-known bilbo30, saruman, and (later on also) aviade. When you played them, you could expect n00b settings and a guild rush. This clan wasn’t active in the quickmatch ladder.
  • Endo: A clan with only elite players. Some of the most active players were GZAkiller and Zeablovse(clanleader). They prevented Hobbtz from getting the first place in the clanladder many months.
  • -666-: Led by Lukonnen. Other members like f1rew4ll, bruly47. One of the grandmasters of emperor learned his skills in this clans: Brennq. He played with the nick bruly47 and it is when he left this clan when he became a famous player. -666- was a nice clan… -666- was a clan with skills. The most players were Belgian.
  • IP: There are few clans that existed as long as IP. This French clan was mid skilled and a few times accused as cheaters. Although they were friendly and many people liked them. They were hard to recognize because they had nicks like ipfun, ipmano etc.
  • ATRS: A pretty big clan, with pretty nice skills. Later on ATRS2 was created because of the member limit, with Vilgent as leader.
  • XFORCE: A mid-high skilled german clan. Aluskomo, smoke, … are some of their players
  • FCUK: A clan that didn’t survive long, but worth mentioning because of there extremely high skills. Players like Kebabshop and Gigaettin.
  • FEW: A very nice clan with a huge friendship between the members. They survived pretty long and had players like scar, djcid, ra,deluge… . And, of course, they had nice skills.
  • SoW: Mostly Dutch players, a mid skilled clan with players like schorpie, ords, leo1990, warskum, skorpija, fremixx, dread, … . They survived a pretty long time because the friendship between the members. They died when they were accused of cheating by Endo.

Slowly the years passed and many clans died slowly… The game wasn’t as active as before … The fowling clans were some of the only decent clans that existed these last years:

  • SKUM: Without any doubt, this is probably the most well-known clan of emperor history. They ruled the clanladder for the last months that it existed. (later on the clanladder disappeared because of inactivity). Led by Doompower, members like skumclam, Brennq, leo1990, warskum, … This clan survived for a long time, being the only good clan.
  • GoD*: When after all SKUM managed to die, GoD or g0d replaced them. This clan tried keeping the game active in these dark times. Its highest skilled players Jeff2429 and Spazelord ruled the dunes for quiet some time. It also contained elite players like Cbrick04, Newlords, Desertway, and Slaphapy5. This was the last decent clan to date for the history of Emperor.

Dune: Generations Guilds

I want to remeber the clan Kalem. The mere member was Kalem333, but afterwards, he succeeded to enlarge the clans population by adding his brother, Mjn4. Kalem333 is known as the leech noob.

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