Dune II remakes

This page contains remakes of Dune II.

Finished projects

These are the projects that are complete and no longer updated.

Arrakis by Stefan Hendriks: a Dune II-inspired game with custom graphics. The site also features various Dune II-related downloads, as well as the older version of Dune II The Maker (see below).

Dune IV by Amonit: a Dune II recreation with a Starcraft-like interface and a variety of missions resembling Dune 2000.

Redux 3 by Justin Anstead (neonext): a multipurpose RTS engine capable of running Dune II, Command & Conquer and Red Alert-like games. The older versions of this project, Redux 2 and Dune 2 Redux, are also available.

Playable WIP projects

These games are playable all right, but more updates and changes are expected in the future.

Charge by Ferenc van den Ham: a Dune II "imitation" (as the author himself puts it) written in Java. Single player.

Dune II The Maker by Stefan Hendriks: a Dune II remake with updated high-resolution graphics, currently aimed at recreating Dune II as close to the original as possible.

Dune Legacy by TonyD et al.: this project's main goal is to make Dune II playable under high resolutions and a Command & Conquer-styled interface. Dune Legacy requires the original Dune II game files to run.

Dune 2: The Golden Path (previously known as Dune 2: The Sleeper Has Awakened) by Drackbolt: a Dune II remake with various improvements, originally focused on multiplayer but now also featuring the singleplayer aspect as well.

WIP projects

These games are in the stage of active development.

Dune 3: Return to Arrakis by Minniatian: a Dune II remake for Amiga.

OpenDune by Xaroth and TrueBrain: to quote the official site, this is "an open source re-creation" of Dune II that "attempts to re-create the original game and apply modern technology to it to allow it to be run natively on most operating systems".

OD2 by segra: a project aimed at accurate engine recreation of Dune II, based on results of disassembling and analysis of the original EXE of the game.

Abandoned projects

This section covers projects that are no longer updated despite being far from completed.

Dune by falknhayn: a Dune II clone with hi-res graphics.

Dune 3: Back 2 Desert by Alex Chudnovsky: an attempt at remaking Dune II. Works only under pure DOS.

Dune32: Strike Back by Alex Chudnovsky: a Dune II-themed game that uses Command & Conquer: Red Alert graphics.

WAR by ITM: a Dune II clone with C&C-styled interface. Separate versions for DOS and Windows available.