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Thufir Hawat (Master of Assassins-Mentat) (???-10,193): The greatest mentat of his age. Thufir was a tough, vigorous old man whose Atreides roots stood always firm. Young and strong in his young age he was not only sharp with his wit but also with the sword. Time took its toll though and training three generations tested him. A great thinker and dreamer, Thufir was always loyal to the Duke. He went so far as to kill himself for Paul Atreides his student and rightful ruler to the house.

Enlisted into the Atreides as their Mentat, Hawat was considered one of the Imperium's greatest Mentat. He was an instructor to Paul Muad'dib and helped clear Arrakis of Harkonnen threats during the Atreides arrival. (help improve...)