Tyros Reffa

Tyros Reffa was the bastard son of Padishah Emperor Elrood Corrino IX and Lady Shando Vernius. He was also the half brother to Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV. Reffa was entrusted to House Tagliari and Docent Glax Othn.

A bright man, he knew of his royal heritage but had no aspirations to ascend the [[Golden Lion Throne[[. When Shaddam IV discovered his existence, he ordered that Zanovar - a fief of House Tagliari where Tyros was living - be destroyed under the pretence of his Great Spice War. However, when the Sardaukar fleet arrived and blackened the planet, he was away on Artisia.

Seeing his planet destroyed, he joined his former teacher, Supreme Thespian Holder Wong, and his Jongleur troop headed to Kaitain to perform "My Father's Shadow". During the play, while attempting to recite a speech he wrote, he pulled out a ruby laser staff and inadvertently fired a deadly beam, killing a Sardaukar bodyguard standing next to the Emperor.

He was immediately seized, but during his short incarceration he managed to have a recording of his speech smuggled out by Ixian Ambassador-in-exile Cammar Pilru. He was executed by the Emperor himself using that same ruby laser staff. His speech was later used to blackmail the Emperor into paying restitution to Ix.

Shando Vernius' other son, Rhombur Vernius, offspring of Earl Dominic Vernius, was rendered unable to bear children due to the skyclipper accident over the Western Continent of Caladan. When House Vernius re-captured Ix from the Tleilaxu, cells from Tyros were combined with an egg from Rhombur's wife, Tessia Vernius, to create a male offspring for the family. The child conceived was Bronso Vernius of Ix.