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This is the page for the upcoming Dune film.


On June 18th 2008, it was formally announced that Dune was going to be brought to the screen once more, by Paramount Pictures, Misher Films, and New Amsterdam Entertainment.

Attached people


Peter Berg was originally attached to direct, but has since left to work on other projects. Media reports initially linked both Neil Marshall and Neill Blomkamp to the vacant position, but in January 2010 it was confirmed that Pierre Morel (Taken, From Paris with love) would be directing.


Richard P. Rubenstein
Kevin Misher

Executive Producers

Michael D. Messina
John Harrison


Kevin J. Anderson
Brian Herbert

Script Writer

Joshua Zetumer was originally attached to the Peter Berg version, but since Pierre Morel took over, Chase Palmer has been hired to adapt Zetumer's script to Morel's vision.


Mark ("Jock") Simpson