Minor factions and subhouses in the Dune games

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Minor factions

Minor factions and subhouses have been present in most Dune games. They are groups and organizations which play a secondary role in the main conflict of the games, and they may be friendly or hostile to the player, depending on various circumstances.


They are the natives of dune. They are desert people and are very adjust to the planet. They have wierding modules that are used as weapons. The wierding modules cause damage using sound to damage humans and vehicles.


House Ix

Bene Tleilax (the Tleilaxu)

Appearing only in Emperor: Battle for Dune, the Bene Tleilax are portrayed as religious fanatics who believe machines are evil. This portrayal reflects the Bene Telilax in Heretics of Dune rather than the amoral traders seen in most of the series. Because of their gruesome technology, they're largely disliked. They have two unique units, Contaminators and Leeches, neither of which appear in the original books.

Guild of Navigators