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Sorry, for crossposting the question (the original was in Wikipedia discussion). It is an interesting question, that I didn't find an answer in book, is how did it possible that Alia got possessed by Baron, who was male, while females only has access to the memories and egos of their female ancestors. It seems that only Paul and Leto II did have access to male ancestors, but not Alia. Could anyone think of any explanation, or find some info that could be incorporated into the article? As far as I remember Kwisatz Haderach is always a male, and I think it was mentioned several times at the books. Only males are potentially able to access both lines, while their are unable physically/mentally, that was the whole point if BG breeding program - to bread a male show could stand the spice agony, and therefore gather access to both lines and to became Kwisatz Haderach. I think, in contrast, Alia was only a Reverend Mother as her mother was. But I might be wrong of course. :) --Zigmar

  • The only thing that comes to mind is the fact that Alia definitely isn't 'only' a Reverend Mother. Being preborn messes with a lot of stuff. I'm sure there's something about it in the books (I'm thinking Children of Dune). In my mind, Alia and Ghanima always had a lot more in common than Alia and Jessica. Ghanima continuously commented with Leto II that they knew what Alia was going through and that they never made the same mistakes she had.