Dune2k.com Wiki:Protected page guidelines

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A protected page is one that only administrators can edit. In general, the Dune Wiki staff will attempt to keep the number of protected pages at a minimum, since free editing is the engine that makes all wikis work. However, pages falling under the following categories will most often be protected:

  1. The Main Page.
  2. Articles dealing with official policy or guidelines.
  3. Standardized templates (e.g. Template:Disambig) which tend to be used on a large number of articles and have no need of editing in the forseeable future.
  4. Articles that are subject to repeated vandalism. These will be protected only temporarily.
  5. Articles of exceptionally good quality that cover their respective subjects in such a comprehensive manner that no further editing is necessary.

At the present time, administrators have discretion to decide which pages fall under the above categories. If this policy proves to be inadequate in the future, it can and will be changed.