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Kaitain is the second capital planet of the Imperium and the seat of power of House Corrino.

Originally, Salusa Secundus was the first capital world of the Imperium of a Million Worlds and the seat of House Corrino, but an attack from a Great House of the Landsraad rendered the planet practically uninhabitable. As a result, the Imperial Corrino family erased the Great House from all historical records, and overtook their new home planet, Kaitain. At this point, the name of the attacking Great House remains unknown.

It is a beautiful ringed planet with Auroras in the night sky do that nobody could ever be seeing anything in complete darkness on Kaitain. The planet is covered in lush rainforests, vegetable and fruit groves and is the home of many different tropical flowers on these white sandy beaches and different types of insects.

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