Shaddam IV

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At the onset of the novel Dune, Shaddam IV is the Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe.

Shaddam was born in the year 10,119 a.g. on Kaitain. He was the son of Elrood IX. Shaddam IV came to power in 10,156, succeeding his father. It was speculated at the time that Elrood IX had succumbed to poisoning at the hand of Shaddam IV and his cousin Count Hasimir Fenring.

ShaddamIV had five daughters:

Immediately following Paul Atreides' capture of Arrakis and subsequent takeover of the Empire in 10,196, Shaddam was exiled to Salusa Secundus with his four youngest daughters and Hasimir Fenring.

Shaddam Corrino IV died on Salusa Secundus in the year 10,202 a.g.