Gurney Halleck

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Gurney Halleck was a great swordsman and instructor to Paul Atreides. Without his guidance, Paul most likely would have died at the hands of Jamis in a dark sietch and the series of events that took place never would have began. Gurney would later join the Lady Jessica on Caladan while Paul reigned over the Imperium on his seat on Arrakis. The Lady Jessica entrusted Gurney with the test of abomination that he administered to Leto Atreides II.

Gurney in his early days led a peaceful life on Beta Shalish. His parents controlled the minor house of Chusuk. His family had a long line of making beautiful instruments. Gurney himself was an amazing musician. When he grew up he wished to be a bard. Travelling all over the universe playing music to the masses.

This was all crushed though by Glossu Rabban. He was a young man at this time and was eager for battle. Beta Shalish was a small backwater planet just perfect for invasion and not only would this test the Beast Rabban's skills but it would also send millions to the slave camps of Geidi Prime which would give the Harkonnen a hefty profit. In the attack many of the people of Chusuk were killed. Most of Gurney's family did. All but his sister. She was made as a sex toy for high status elites for her beauty while Gurney was made a slave in the mines of Geidi Prime. It was in the mines of Geidi Prime, that Rabban gave Gurney his distinctive Inkvine scar. Gurney eventually escaped to Caladan. Gurney built quite a name among the Atreides. As did his loyalty to the great house. Gurney eventually became the war master of House Atreides. He fought with great vigour and strength.

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