Glossu Rabban

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Count Glossu Rabban, or Beast Rabban as the Arrakeen citizens came to refer to him, was regent-siridar of Arrakis when it was held by House Harkonnen. He is also Count of Rabban-Lankiveil, where it can be conjectured that he met Gurney Halleck, while he was a Harkonnen slave, and gave him the scar across his jaw, not to mention killing his entire family. Halleck joined the service of the Atreides after that, vowing to be revenged on Rabban. After the death of the Piter De Vries, the Baron relied once more on Rabban to govern Arrakis. The Baron described him as "a muscle-minded tank brain" who squeezed the spice mining industry on Arrakis relentlessly, as the Baron planned for Feyd-Rautha to take over and be hailed as a benign hero by the people of Arrakis. Unfortunately both the Baron and Feyd-Rautha died before this plan could come to fruition, when Rabban died in the confrontation between Fremen and Imperial forces at the end of Dune.