Rhombur Vernius

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Rhombur Vernius

Prince Rhombur Vernius is a fictional character in the Dune Universe. He was the first-born son of the Earl Dominic Vernius and Lady Shando Balut-Vernius, and the older brother of the Ixian Princess named Kailea Vernius. According to the Prelude to Dune trilogy, he was the biological half-brother of Tyros Reffa, the illegitimate son of the late Padishah Emperor Elrood Corrino IX.


In the year 10, 140 A.G., Rhombur was born on the planet Ix as the eldest na-Earl of the renegade House Vernius, th true companion of House Atreides and the archrival of House Richese.

Dune: House Atreides

In the year 10,153 A.G., when he was a teenager, he met the young na-Duke Leto Atreides I who came here to study on their home planet Ix. Due to a secret pact with Elrood Corrino IX, the Bene Tleilax launched an invasion of Ix, causing Rhombur to flee, with his sister, to Caladan. His younger sister, Kailea, quickly fell in love with the unattainable na-Duke. Both the Earl's children had witnessed seeing the Old Duke Paulus Atreides killed by a drugged Salusian Bull.

Dune:House Harkonnen

Over the next few years during the events of the novel, the Prince and the Duke sought to reclaim Ix and restore House Vernius back to Ix. In 10,166 A.G., Kailea became Leto's concubine and two years later, she bore him a son named Victor Atreides. Rhombur was unaware that Chiara had poisoned his sister's mind against the Duke because he wouldn't marry her due to political reasons; an unsuccessful attempt on Leto's life causes serious injury to Rhombur, and the tragic loss of his nephew. But he was worried to hear that his father's base had been destroyed by the Sardaukar before the Great Spice War had started.

Dr. Wellington Yueh arrived at Castle Caladan to cyborg the maimed Rhombur Vernius. One year later, the Prince married Tessia Vernius, a former Bene Gesserit Sister who had been once his concubine. So the Duke's armies army liberates Ix from the Tleilaxu rule upon the birth of Rhombur's step-nephew Paul Atreides. With Tessia at her husband's side, House Vernius is re-established as the rulers of Ix.