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The name IX is derived from a forgotten language, known only to Reverend Mothers, symbolizing that the planet is the ninth in the system. The planet's economy is driven by the production and exportation of complex machinery. IX knows competition only from House Richese, which during the time of Paul Muad'Dib, lags behind IX significantly in quality and innovation. The most well known of Ixian technologies is the heighliner used by the Spacing Guild for interstellar travel.

Of the fringe worlds that maintained a sophisticated technological base, possibly superseded only by the Bene Tleilax, IX was one of the most successful, having had their technological base rebuilt by reparations from House Corrino.

During the Famine Times the Ixians developed no-ships, coupling the technology of a no-globe with a small ship, essentially duplicating the prescience blocking ability of a Guild Navigator. It is the development of this cheaper form of space travel that allowed the Scattering.

After the Scattering, having become a top-heavy bureaucracy, and showing little technological innovation, IX formed an alliance with the Fish Speakersin an attempt by both groups to bolster their decaying power. The Ixian/Fish Speaker alliance remained a figure in the universe, albeit a symbolic one.

When the Honoured Matres returned to the Old Empire, the Ixians were reduced to being a barely tolerated technological combine.

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Ix in the Prequels

House Vernius

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At the beginning of Prelude to Dune the Ixians are ruled by House Vernius. Emperor Elrood IX, who desired a Melange substitute and who wanted to pay back Dominic Vernius for two offences against him (stealing a concubine - later to be called Shando Vernius from Elrood and making larger Heighliner ships, stripping Elrood of tax revenue), decided that a Tleilaxu invasion of Ix would kill two birds with one stone.

The Tleilaxu invade in House Atreides, on the (somewhat justified) pretext that House Vernius were creating thinking machines (a fighting Mek was created shortly before in the story) and are driven out of Ix in House Corrino. Some years later the Ixians are freed from the Tleilaxu.

Planet IX is mentioned briefly in the 1984 Dune Movie by David Lynch. The Guild Navigator at the start of the movie mentions IX when briefing Emperor Shaddam on eliminating Paul Atreides; "Many machines on IX, better than those on Richese". This refers to the fact that IX was a machine planet.

Ix in the Heroes of Dune series

In the Heroes of Dune series, the formation of an IX independent of House Vernius is mentioned, as Bronso Vernius loses power over IX to the Technocrats.

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The House of IX allowed access to higher level technologies.

Dune 2000

As with Dune II, the House of IX would allow the player more advanced units.

Emperor: Battle For Dune

IX was a selectable subhouse, with two Ixian units, Infiltrators and Projectors, being buildable.