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The Fremen are the native inhabitants of Arrakis, also known as Dune, the desert planet that is the sole source of the spice melange in the known universe.

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The Dune 2000 Fremen require the Atreides Palace to be built before becoming accesible to the player. This structure is at the upper end of the technology tree, leaving the Fremen unavailable until the later story-based missions. Fremen can be accesed in any skirmish or multiplayer game, provided the tech level option is set high enough by the player.

Fremen are produced in pairs automatically by the Palace, free of charge at a set rate determined by the game speed selected by the player. Their most notable trait is the ability to remain invisible to all enemy units unless in very close proximity.

The Fremen weapons, while effective against infantry are ideally suited to attacking armoured vehicals and structures. This, combined with their stealth makes them ideal for ambushing enemy harvesters or making suprise attacks on enemy bases. Used en masse these attacks can leave the enemy economy crippled, and the Fremen can disapear back into the desert before any meaningful counter attack can be made.

The Fremen can also serve as scouts in small numbers. Their stealth (combined with some micro-management to keep them away from enemy units and thus hidden) can allow them to reach areas of an enemy base which the more conventional scout units (Such as Trikes) would find it difficult to move into without attracting attention and being destroyed.

Emperor: Battle For Dune

The Fremen in Emperor: Battle for Dune come in two distinct vaieties: Fremen Warriors and Fedaykin Death Commandos. Once the Fremen camp has been built the Fremen warrior is accesible. He has a range and power comparable to a sniper, with the added abilities of cloaking and being able to manovuer across the desert sands without attracting the attentions of the Worms. Fremen Warriors are best deployed against enemy infantry, their long range, high damage and cloaking making them ideally suited to ambushes and suprise attacks.

The upgraded Fremen Camp allows acces to the Fedaykin. These Fremen are more expensive than their Warrior counterparts and have some unique abilites. Their basic weapon is a 'Weirding Module' allowing them to use The Voice as a weapon in a similar manner to Sonic Tanks. These weapons are effective against infantry, armour and buildings.

The Fedaykin are also able to summon and ride the Sand Worms. By deploying a Fedaykin in the desert he will activate his thumper and attract the attention of any nearby worm. As the Worm surfaces under the Fedaykin he will mount and take control of the creature, allowing you to move it and order the beast to attack as with any other unit. This only lasts for a shot time, however, and the large size of the worm can make manouvering difficult, especially in areas with many crags or spires of rock.