Noree Moneo

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Noree Moneo is the Atreides Mentat in the game Dune 2000. He is portrayed by John Rhys-Davies. Noree Moneo is charismatic, noble and just, and intensely loyal to his Duke.

Character Analysis

Noree Moneo's name is a combination of two names taken from the novel God Emperor of Dune: Hwi Noree and Moneo. Other mentats from Dune 2000 also have such combined names that are based on names from Frank Herbert's novels.

Unlike other Dune 2000 characters, who generally resemble characters from David Lynch's Dune, Noree Moneo bears very little resemblance to Thufir Hawat. Moneo is portrayed as a more active, more emotional and charismatic person. He plays an important role in establishing contact with the Fremen, which ultimately results in an alliance between the Fremen and House Atreides.


"Emperor, we come for you!" - Noree Moneo in the last mission briefing (NOTE: This is actually a quote from David Lynch's Dune movie).